ANTI-development protestors from Lancaster stormed the Central London offices of the developers of the proposed Canal Corridor North scheme.

Seven protestors, all said by the Metropolitan Police to be from Lancaster, chained themselves together and shouted protests after forcing their way into the offices of Centros.

They handed out leaflets promoting Lancaster’s It’s Our City group and the Carnival of Culture.

A dozen police officers were called to restore order and the fire service was needed to cut chains from around the protestors’ necks, although they removed the locks themselves when the fire service arrived.

A Centros spokesman says: “The events were quite frightening. Our staff felt very intimidated by the seven who broke into the office shouting and screaming before chaining themselves together.

“Staff comments after the event were very much about their fear of what might have happened, and what level of action the protestors were willing to take.

“As a business, Centros prides itself in its public consultation policy. We operate openly and honestly, often working closely in partnership with local authorities, and we go to great lengths to adhere to the proper means of resolving issues through the planning process.”

Lancaster City Council’s planning committee recently resolved to grant outline planning consent for the Canal Corridor North project following a two day hearing.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed that four protestors were arrested in connection with public order offences.