A MAN has been arrested in Preston after a stash of class A drugs were found in a Kinder Surprise Egg.

Police were on patrol on Hartington Road in Broadgate where they reportedly interrupted a drug deal before a man tried to run away.

A man was subsequently stopped on Marsh Lane a short time later.

After a search, a man was arrested after being accused of being in possession of a mobile phone, cash and a Kinder Surprise Egg full of class A drugs.

A police spokesman added: "The neighbourhood police team will continue to target the issues that are important to the people of Preston.

"In order for us to do this, it is important that we have a strong relationship with the local community.

"If you have any concerns about crime or anti-social behaviour in your area, please contact us via email at: NPT-PrestonCity@lancashire.police.uk."