A PLACE in Lancashire has been ranked one of the worst locations in the country to survive a zombie apocalypse.

According to data released by SaveOnEnergy, Preston is one of the least well-equipped places in the UK to live should zombies start spawning – second worst only behind Oxford.

And while much of the population believe that a zombie apocalypse is little more than a fictitious scenario, a number of Brits still fear the possibility, with pop culture leading some to believe that a zombie takeover remains a reasonable explanation of how the world might end.

Each city was ranked and awarded points out of 100 based on eight different factors: solar energy produced per year, farming area, the number of farmers per city, air quality, outdoor space, recycling centres, wind farms, and the number of electric vehicle charging points.

The cities with the highest total scores were deemed most likely to survive.

Preston was deemed the second least likely city to survive a zombie apocalypse, with just 104 points out of 700.

The city had one of the lowest farming populations and had some of the least parks per 100,000 population, leading data analysts to believe that they people living in the city will fare badly in the event of a zombie-induced collapse of civilisation.

Oxford was revealed to be the least likely city to survive a zombie apocalypse, with a final score of just 82 out of 700.

Meanwhile topping the list with a score of 348 out of 700 is Cambridge. According to the index, the city is most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse after being awarded the highest number of points available for the number of onshore wind farms and recycling centres, and scoring highly for the percentage of farmland available.

Following closely behind in second is Swansea. When taking into account each of the eight ‘survival’ factors, the Welsh city is not only home to the most outdoor space per 100,000 population, it also has vast amounts of farmland that could be used in the event of an apocalypse and farmers, thus resulting in a score of 341 points out of a possible 700.

Rounding off the top three cities most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse is Belfast, with a final score of 329 out of 700. Research found that the Northern Irish capital is home to the third-highest number of onshore wind farms, has a large farming community and some of the most farmlands of all cities studied.