A metal detectorist has discovered an ‘amazing’ 4,000-year-old relic.

John Bradbury, from Brierfield, has been metal detecting for 32 years, and has recently found a Bronze Age axe head.

While he and a friend were out detecting in a field near Nelson, John realised the significance of the relic which he said was a ‘once in a lifetime find’.

He said: “When I saw this axe head, 32 years I have been waiting to tick the box for that. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“A 4,000-year-old axe head with the wood still inside!”

John has estimated that the axe head, which was four inches below the ground, could be worth around £200.

He said: “Somebody a long time ago either chopping some wood down for something was using this and for some strange reason discarded it and left it here.

“It is not worth a lot of money but the history is immense.”

Earlier in the day in a different field, John found a shilling from 1645, during King Charles I reign and a sixpence from King William's reign amongst other coins.

He continued: “The only thing that would top that is historic gold jewellery and with that you have to declare it.”

John has already hit gold when, in 2011, he discovered a 1715 gold posy ring inscribed “Love you till I Die” and a First World War ‘sweetheart pendant’ in 2016 - on the 102nd anniversary year of the war's outbreak.