The Finch Bakery twins are close to opening the doors to their new, highly anticipated shop in Great Harwood.

The sisters and social media sensations, Rachel Finch and Lauren Sinclair from the Ribble Valley, bought their new store last year.

It is on Queen Street in Great Harwood – just four doors away from their first shop.

The girls have been busy renovating for the past year and are excited to finally welcome back customers in the next fortnight after months of only selling online.

Lauren said: "It's been really, really exciting but it has been taken longer than we anticipated.

"I have never been part of a renovation before, not even an extension of my house, so it is interesting to see everything going up and coming together.

"Everyone who follows us on Instagram has loved to see the renovations.

"It's all nearly ready to go but we have got some cosmetic details to add into the shop."

New sweet treats will be going on sale in the shop as well as displays of their home bakery items which have only been available online since they were launched.

Every step of the way they have been keeping their followers involved with regular photo teasers, building up more excitement for opening day.

After five years renting their first shop, the girls decided it was time to invest in their own four walls for the bakery which has become a staple on Great Harwood's high street.

Lauren added: "It just got to the point where we were spending quite a lot of money doing renovations in there ourselves.

"Over the last few years we have saved and got to the point where we have decided to invest in a building of our own.

"There's never been the right building until now."

The girls are now just finishing off the final details in the shop, which has been the centre of a photoshoot for their new recipe book under multinational publishing giants, DK, which is being released this August.