The first ever naked walk is to take place in a Lancashire town next month.

Organised by British Naturism and Guide Over Sands Trust, the walk, which will be completed by naked participants is set to take place on June 20 in Morecambe.

The walk will see naturists enjoying a stroll across Morecambe Bay, mostly in their birthday suits.

However, due to rules around public decency, walking guides will be on hand to instruct walkers when and where is appropriate to shed their clothes and when they will need to put them back on again.

This will be the first every Naturist Walk across Morecambe Bay and is expected to take around four hours, with a small wade about knee height.

The walk costs £23 to participate in and will begin around 1.15pm.

There is a 25 per cent discount for British Naturist members.

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