A NEIGHBOUR from hell caused problems from "day one" after moving in next-door.

Blackburn magistrates heard things came to a head when Thomas Nadin kept his neighbour awake all night banging on the walls and shouting threats.

At 6.30 am her adult son went round and asked Nadin to quieten down and the defendant apologised.

The son then went to work and five minutes later Nadin was banging on his neighbour's door making threats to stab her, kill her and cut her head off.

Nadin, 31, of Briercliffe Road, Burnley, was convicted after trial of using threatening behaviour and harassment of Tammy Ratcliffe. He was made subject to a community order for 12 months with 15 hours rehabilitation activity requirement and 150 hours unpaid work. He was made subject to a restraining order for two years which prohibits him having any contact with Tammy Ratcliffe or deliberately making noise in his home which would cause her distress. He was ordered to pay £500 costs and £95 victim surcharge.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said Mrs Ratcliffe said she had lived next door to Nadin for two years had there had been issues from day one.

At 11 pm on the day of the incident she heard screaming and shouting coming from next-door. Nadin was banging on the shared wall and shouting threats.

"The banging continued all night and she barely slept," said Mr Robinson. "He made threats to smash her windows."

Stuart Thomson, defending, said his client had been convicted after trial and still maintained his innocence.

"The address he was living at was his parents and he hopes to return there," said Mr Thompson. "He had been living there for five years and the complainant moved in two years ago and there were problems between the two households. He maintains he was not the aggressor in this incident.

Passing sentence Deputy District Judge Jane Hamilton said Nadin had to try and live in peace with his neighbours.

"If they make noise that upsets you you should be contacting the police," said Deputy District Judge Hamilton. "You should not be taking matters into your own hands."