THREE drug dealers have been jailed after thousands of pounds worth of heroin and cocaine was discovered inside a home.

Class A drugs, cash, mobile phones, scales and tick lists were found all over the home of Zohaib Hussain in July, after officers executed a warrant on his Nelson property.

Preston Crown Court heard how the drugs had a value of around £134,000 – but would have likely netted the gang closer to £250,000 once it had been cut down.

Proceeds of the crime were also found in the house, in the form of designer gear and clothing which belonged to Zohaib and his brother Asad.

Zohaib Hussain came to the attention of officers in April, when he was arrested alongside his friend Asim Hafeez after they was seen dealing in Burnley.

The two men were released from custody on bail, and a warrant which uncovered the drugs and paraphernalia was executed several months later.

Asad Hussain, brother of Zohaib, was also found to be involved with the conspiracy.

Sentencing the men at Preston Crown Court, Judge David Potter said: “On the 10th of April, Zohaib Hussain and Asim Hafeez were out drug dealing in Burnley.

“The police noticed the car they were in and indicated for them to stop. Instead Hafeez drove off and Hussain threw a cigarette packet containing £610 worth of heroin and crack cocaine, out of the window.

“The car came to a stop and they  were both arrested. When both of their phones were seized there were messages which had been sent to 90 contacts and lists and videos showing they were both involved with the conspiracy to supply drugs.

“You were both released under investigation but that did not stop your drug dealing activity.

“Hafeez was arrested again in July and was found with over £1000 in cash, scales and half a gram of cocaine.

“On the 28th of July a warrant was executed at the house where Asad and Zohaib Hussain lived. A very significant amount of high purity cocaine, about 1.5kilos, together with bulking agents, scales, cash and the clear proceeds of crime in the form of designer clothing were found.

“The wrapping of some of the drugs had your fingerprints on them.

“The total street value of the drugs was over £134,000 but as was clearly likely, there were to be adulterated with the bulking agent present at the house, meaning the street value of the drugs would have been considerable higher and in the region of a quarter of a million pounds.

“Zohaib, this was essentially your operation, with junior partners in the form of your brother and friend. You played the most significant role.”

Asim Hafeez, 20 of Brier Crescent, Nelson was sentenced to 4 years, 6 months imprisonment.

Zohaib Hussain, 26 of Thursby Road, Burnley- sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.

Asad Hussain, 24 of Thursby Road, Burnley- sentenced to 3 years, 2 months imprisonment.

A police spokesman said: “Drug dealing will not be tolerated within our local neighbourhoods and we will continue to target those people who are involved drug dealing as we all know that this type of crime has a real detrimental effect on our wider communities.”