I have been introduced to a guy through mutual family friends.

We're getting along fine, and my family just need to make the call to say yes to the marriage.

I was a little bit reluctant though, but I couldn't quite put my finger on why I was hesitant.

So I got my friend to find him on Instagram and send him a direct message to see how he would respond. She sent the messages to him in front of me.

She sent him a flirty message. He sent an even flirtier message back. This went on for a couple of days. She asked him if he was single. 

He said yes and then said he wanted to meet her. I definitely can't marry him now.
My friend sent me screenshots of all the messages. 

When I told my parents they got really angry and rang his parents.

They said it was my own fault for putting temptation in their son's way and that any man would have reacted in the same way.

I'm so angry that they would blame me instead of their idiot son.

I want to post those screenshots on Facebook and tag all his friends and family in.  My parents just told me to leave it and be grateful I found out how his character is before we got married. 

Advice: It is very natural for you to be angry and feel betrayed by this man who said he wanted to marry you.

Your gut instinct proved to reveal a huge personality flaw in this man.

Rather than creating an even bigger issue out of this, as your parents have said, be reassured that you discovered this side to this man earlier rather than later.

Posting the screenshots will not change the past and will exacerbate a situation that you have ultimately learnt from.

Try and put this episode behind you and move on from this unpleasant experience.