LANCASHIRE Women have been chosen to benefit from the Co-op Local Community Fund.

The charity is raising funds to provide a therapeutic wellbeing service within the communities of Preston, with the charity intending to help women's mental health and wellbeing now and in the future.

Lancashire Women, which is based in Accrington, are hoping that Co-op members will help them by choosing the charity as they local cause and they expect an influx of women accessing the services.

The project will give women in the community the support they need, now more than ever due to Covid-19.

Adele Helm, Business Development Officer at Lancashire Women said “It’s wonderful to be selected as a local cause in Preston this year. Mental health and wellbeing support is going to be essential after the past year and experiences during Covid-19 and funds raised from this will help us achieve that in Preston.

"It's easy, just scan your blue member card when shopping and the Co-op will do the rest - it doesn’t cost you a penny but makes a significant difference to our cause.”

When a member buys selected branded products and services, the Co-op will give a helping hand to the charity. Co-op members can select Lancashire Women as their local cause by visiting