AN ACCRINGTON firm has found itself in the eye of the storm as it battles to rescue stranded British passengers from a huge storm in Spain.

Storm Filomena has already killed four people across Spain and brought the country’s worst snowfall for 40 years with up to 50cm falling on Madrid on Friday and Saturday as well as forcing Madrid Barajas airport to close.

Meanwhile, Accrington-based travel solutions firm CMAC has been working to help over 3,000 travellers who have been caught up in the storm return home.

CMAC Group Chief Executive Steve Turner said: “Our dedicated teams across Europe are working around the clock to support the thousands of passengers who have seen their travel plans affected by Storm Filomena.

“Media in Spain are describing the snowfall as the heaviest in 40 years and it is causing considerable disruption to road and air travel.

“Through our partnership with Ryanair, we are working to provide emergency transport and accommodation to affected passengers.”

CMAC works with partners across Greece, Spain, Portugal and Morocco to help travellers who have become trapped due to stormy weather or other emergencies.

In this case, Storm Filomena has caused havoc for travellers across Spain, Morocco and the UK, as well as causing knock-on effects to travellers in other countries due flying to Spain with dozens of flights either cancelled or diverted.

Mr Turner said: “Some of the passengers are British citizens who have been abroad on business, and we are working to support them until the airport reopens and they can fly back to the UK.

“It has been a challenge to get passengers out of the airport to take them to the hotels as a number of roads were closed.

“Thankfully, our team has proven processes in places for disruption on this scale and were fully prepared to spring into action as the snow began to fall.

“We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure each and every passenger affected receives the highest levels of customer service until we are able to help them reach their final destinations.”

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