A group of children have been caught throwing fireworks at traffic, people and houses.

On Thursday evening, police were sent to Lomeshaye Park on Lomeshaye Road in Nelson after receiving reports that children between the ages of 14 and 18 had been using the explosives in a dangerous manner.

The fireworks, pictured, were seized and officers said anyone caught using them in an illegal way would be fined.

A spokesperson for the police said: "This evening we have been to Lomeshaye Park on Lomeshaye Road in which we have seized these fireworks from a group of youths aged 14-18-years-old who were using them in a dangerous manner.

"They were using the fireworks in a public place, close to a highway and throwing them, which is illegal.

"Anyone found using fireworks close to highways or a public place will have their fireworks seized along with a fine.

"We have had reports on vehicles, people and property also being a targeted from youths.

"This will not be tolerated."

In response to the incidents and in order to maintain safety in the run up to bonfire night, police in Nelson say they will be increasing patrols over the next few weeks, and urge anyone who suspects illegal activity in relation to the sale of fireworks, to contact them.

The spokesperson added: "We are increasing patrols over the next few weeks and appreciate your calls.

"If anyone has information on anyone using fireworks in a public place or close to highways and who is selling fireworks to underage kids please do not hesitate to contact us."