SCHOOLCHILDREN have been back in education for three months, but some have not been learning in the same way as before the lockdown.

At Holy Trinity C of E primary school in Darwen, teachers have been trying to keep learning fun and safe for all pupils, so they have had to think of some inventive ways to keep children entertained.

Years 1 and 2 in Ashleigh Mckeown’s class have recently enjoyed a pirate day where they dressed up, made eye-patches and had a chocolate treasure hunt.

Miss Mckeown said: “We are incredibly proud of how we are following restrictions but innovating old practice to ensure the fun aspects of school life still go ahead.”

After six months off, the children have come back to school and jumped straight into their learning using the book A New Home For A Pirate’ as their Covid catch-up curriculum book.

The pupils have spent weeks looking at vocabulary, punctuation, maps, materials, designing and art.

The day also included a fashion show around the school to show the other children - passing their windows not entering bubbles - creating wanted posters of themselves, playing pin the patch on the pirate, making telescopes and eye-patches and singing pirate songs.