A MONOPOLY board for Preston has been released today (October 22), with some of the cities notorious landmarks getting a spot on the board.

Winning Moves UK have produced the board under an official licence from Monopoly owners Hasbro.

The Guild Wheel, train station and marina have all taken a spot where the train stations lie around the board, with the fourth station spot being taken by Preston's infamous bus station.

The Harris Museum has claimed the top spot which on a classic board is held by Mayfair while the Old Kent Road has been replaced by Market Street with Preston's telephone boxes.

The orange shopping row has spaces for Fishergate and St Georges shopping centres and Millers Arcade.

Moor Park, Avenham Park and Brockholes Nature Reserve have also all claimed a spot on the board.

The chance and community chest cards have also been changed, with Preston North End and the Guild Hall recieving a mention.

The four corners with Free Parking and Jail spots have remained the same as traditional monopoly, as have the figurines as developers believe that this will keep the integrity of the game, plus, everyone has a favourite playing piece.

The board has been released online and in stores around Preston for people to pick up a copy for themselves or as a gift for Christmas.