LIFE is more than sweet for a Blackburn baker who will see her five-year dream of opening her own shop become a reality.

Bethany Morris, from Beth’s Bakehouse, has been baking occasion cakes, cupcakes, brownies and cookies for several years.

And although it has not always been a cakewalk, all her hard work has paid off as she prepares to open her shop in Bolton Road, Darwen, on October 30.

Bethany, 29, was inspired to get into baking as her late grandad Arthur would make fairy cakes with her when she visited as a little girl.

While studying law at Blackburn University Centre, Bethany got the chance to start working in a sandwich bar in Evolution Park, Haslingden Road.

She began making cupcakes and brownies for the business, which became a hit, whisking Bethany’s baking dreams into life.

She said: “Everybody went wild for the brownies. I was making hundreds each week.”

Bethany has two sons, aged seven and four, who seem quite happy their mum is a baker with her eldest son having a craving for her cookies.

It was when he was turning one that Bethany ordered a £140 birthday cake but when she collected it, to her disappointment, it was nothing like what she wanted. She went to Hobbycraft to buy supplies and stayed up until 2am baking her son a different cake.

After this, she got a taste for it and continued to bake cakes for families and friends while working at the sandwich bar before getting so busy, she had to move into her mother’s kitchen to give her extra space.

Now, six years on from her first creation, every week Bethany is making 10 to 15 cakes, 500 brownies, as well as cupcakes, treat boxes and seasonal boxes for special occasions.

She said: “People are so excited for me and so happy that they can pop in and choose different cakes. I love making the occasion cakes but I love making brownies because that’s what started me off and I just know that everybody loves them.”