REGIONS that have been plunged into a tier three lockdown are receiving financial support from the government to support businesses and testing and tracing across the areas.

On Friday, it was announced that Lancashire would be placed in a tier three lockdown as of 12.01am on Saturday, giving businesses less than 24 hours notice of the change.

All pubs and bars which do not serve food have had to close the doors as well as casinos, bingo halls, bookmakers, soft play areas, licensed clubs and adult gaming centres.

Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire are the newest areas to be added with millions more people in parts of northern England facing stringent coronavirus restrictions in the coming days.

But what financial support is the Government offering to these areas – and is the support fair?


Lancashire's leaders secured £30 million of business support for the counties 1.5 million people – equivalent to approximately £20 per capita.

A further £12 million was agreed equalling about £8 per capita for enforcement.

Greater Manchester

A row over the financial support meant agreement was not reached between Westminster and local leaders before the Government announced Tier 3 measures were to be imposed.

Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham wanted a minimum of £65 million to support the region’s 2.8 million people, but Boris Johnson refused to offer more than £60 million.

So far, the Government has only agreed to £22 million to help authorities implement and enforce restrictions which equates to around £8 per capita.

However, the £60 million figure – which is in line with the offer for South Yorkshire of approximately £22 per capita – for business support is said to remain “on the table”.

South Yorkshire

Some 1.4 million people in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield will be affected by Tier 3 measures from Saturday morning.

The package of support agreed includes £11 million to invest in a localised test and trace system – equivalent to around £8 per capita.

A further £30 million of support for businesses affected by the restrictions, as well as their employees, will be offered. This equates to approximately £22 per capita.

Liverpool City Region

The Liverpool City Region was the first area to come under Tier 3 restrictions earlier this month, with tougher measures affecting its 1.6 million people.

It secured £14 million for enforcement, and a further £30 million of business support.

This equates to approximately £8 per capita for enforcement, and £19 per capita for business help.