LEADERS of Lancashire councils are in discussions today about whether the county, or areas within the county, could be put into a tier three lockdown.

Yesterday the three tier system was announced by the prime minister which saw Lancashire placed into tier two, letting pubs and bars remain open.

The only area to receive the harshest of the measures was Liverpool who will see restrictions introduced on Wednesday.

Some Lancashire leaders are ready to accept the tier three system, should councils receive the appropriate funding for supporting businesses.

Residents don't seem so pleased about the news of a potential harsher lockdown in the county which could see bars and pubs closed if they do not sell food.

One resident thinks the third tier could destroy local businesses, he said: "Tier three will bankrupt many businesses. How can that be good for the county?"

Another resident also believes that tier three would damage local businesses, but Lancashire leaders are in discussions to seek financial assistance should the county be given tighter restrictions.

One resident thinks that a more proactive approach is needed to repair both the economy, and the number of cases.

She said: "If they want to open up the economy then they need to test everybody, every week. Only then can we pick up all cases including asymptomatic ones and reduce the transmission, with an adequate support package in place for people isolating.

"This is the only way we can start to control this thing. Being proactive rather than reactive.

One resident who is in the high risk category : "What's the point being put in tier two for them to change it anyway.

"I'm high risk was not allowed out for four months. I'm not doing it again, I'm not a criminal.

"I'll take my chances n be care go about living my life. I get there is a virus but we can't lockdown forever the economy is going to struggle."

One resident agrees with the talks of moving to the higher tier. He said:"Tier 3 may be needed to save lives as the virus spreads."

Speaking on Monday, Blackburn with Darwen Council leader Cllr Mohammed Khan said: "At the present moment the borough and the rest of Lancashire are in tier two which means a slight easing of restrictions on households meeting outdoors in the wards under the tightest restrictions.

"There will be a meeting of Lancashire council leaders tomorrow morning (Tuesday) before further discussions with government advisers later as a result of which Pennine Lancashire could be moved into tier three.

"The current restrictions which have been in place since August have not been working as the coronavirus infection rate has continue to go up. We are concerned that Lancashire should be treated all together and that the level of support offered to business such as pubs and bars if more restrictions in tier three are not sufficient.

"If these issues can be resolved, I would be happy to see Lancashire moved into tier three."