MORE than a dozen fines were dished out to coronavirus regulation breachers over the weekend.

Fourteen people were slapped with a fixed penalty notice between Friday evening and Sunday night, with one person issued with a £1,000 fine for not self-isolating upon return from abroad.

Speaking to BBC Radio Lancashire this morning, DCC Terry Woods said the force had changed its approach to policing over the last two weeks, taking a harder line on those refusing to abide by rules.

He said: “Ninety-nine per cent of people are trying their very best.

“When we come across those people who have misinterpreted or made a genuine mistake we will just chat to them and educate them and advise them.

“But there are small minority of the public out there who for the last six months, have not altered their behaviour. They are trying to use the excuse that they don’t understand but clearly, they do. They are choosing not to adhere to regulations.

“For those people now, whilst before we would have put them in the same pool of educate and advise, we won’t be doing that and for the last fortnight we have been going straight to enforcement.

“This weekend we have issued 14 penalty notices including a thousand pound FPN for someone who didn’t isolate when they came back from holiday.”