CALLS are being made for action to reduce motorists' speed on ‘Oswaldtwistle’s most dangerous road’.

Cllr Glen Harrison, who represents the St Oswalds ward, has been battling for years to get measures on Blackburn Road, Stanhill Lane/ Road and West End.

However, a crash earlier this month has spurred him to put together a motion for Hyndburn Council to contact highways chiefs at Lancashire County Council to bring in speed cameras on the roads in a bid to reduce drivers speeding.

He said: “There are three roads involved including West End, Blackburn Road and Stanhill Road or Lane.

“In the past they have reduced the junctions and set them back off the road so sight lines are better.

“But there was a crash in the past few weeks where a car ended up on its roof. I don’t know how that happened on a straight road.

“This area has been dubbed ‘the most dangerous road in Oswaldtwistle’ after some Freedom of Information statistics were revealed.

"It has had some interventions but they have not met their aims of reducing speeds and incidents.

“Some people have been saying speed humps will help but I don’t think the Government would introduce them as they are roads used by the emergency services at speed to get to parts of Hyndburn from Blackburn.

“I think the only way to reduce it is to hit people in their pockets.

“In an ideal world, police would be able to have mobile cameras but they can’t do that."

Cllr Harrison fears it is an accident waiting to happen.

He added: “Speed cameras would help the situation but Lancashire County Council seem to judge for interventions if there have already been fatalities but we are worried. Why should people get injured or worse for something to be done?

“Both of these roads are dangerous to members of the public in Hyndburn causing serious injury and potential fatalities.

“The introduction of average speed cameras on both of these roads will also bring in revenue as it is a known speeding hotspot, similar to the ones previously installed on Grane Road.”

The proposal will be discussed by councillors at Thursday’s full council meeting.