Boris Johnson recently announced that Covid-19 Street Marshalls will be employed has a government measure to help deter people from breaking the lockdown rules.

All well and good you may think until you realise that actually Johnson placed the implementation and costs of hiring these staff on cash strapped local government.

Johnson said that local councils must hire them as it’s a local council matter. However, local councils say it’s a central government policy and they don’t have the resources to pay for them.

What another fine mess and it is typical of Boris Johnson. He makes a load of noise on TV about implementing new measures in tackling Covid-19. However, when you look behind all his guff, the measures he takes either fail or are not properly resourced.

Without a doubt, Johnson has completely failed the British people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Testing, for instance, should have been his government’s main priority. In fact Johnson recently mentioned this on TV during his ‘Moonshot’ vision of testing everybody in the country for Covid-19 (that’s 65 million people Boris).

Nevertheless, because Johnson is a joke shop Prime Minister, he failed to realise that people can’t even get a test conveniently now and subsequently to add insult to injury he blames them for asking for one. I requested a test but was told that I would have to travel hundreds of miles to get one. Seriously?

Boris Johnson needs to stop talking a load of planets and fix the almighty mess he has made right now.

Uncle Joe