So glad to hear that the ginger whinger (er sorry, I meant Prince Harry) and his wife have finally paid back the £2.4million cost of renovating Frogmore Cottage after netting a £112million Netflix deal.

Their original intention was to simply pay instalments of £18,000 a month which would have taken them 11 years to pay off their debt.

We have also been told that Prince Charles is no longer bankrolling the pair either after previously donating £5million to the ‘out of work’ couple.

This is good news but I wonder who is picking up the tab for the security at Frogmore which is estimated to cost £1million a year? It is also said we still pay for their travel between the US and Britain and also all their security costs in America.

If as stated they are flush with money from the Netflix deal, then some people, me included, would say that they should pay for all of their security costs etc.

Harry needs to separate himself completely from the Royal family and have no subsidy whatsoever from the British taxpayer. Then he could start with a clean slate.

Mrs L M Jackson