TWO lots of treasure were discovered by explorers across Lancashire last year, the coroner’s office has said.

In 2019, there were two treasure finds reported to Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen Coroner’s Court, which is responsible for holding treasure inquests. It means a total of nine discoveries in the last three years in the area.

Across England and Wales, 1,061 finds were reported last year – six per cent more than the year before.

The Treasure Act, introduced in 1997, defines treasure as discoveries older than 300 years. All potential treasure finds are processed by the British Museum, whose experts advise coroners on whether the find fits the definition of treasure.

If a coroner rules that it is treasure, both local and national museums are given the chance to acquire the pieces, and the finder will be paid a sum depending on the treasure’s value.

But if the find is determined not to be treasure, or no museums want it, then it is returned to the treasure hunter.