A CRIMINAL with over 30 pages of convictions to his name was found to be carrying a knife the day after he breached a restraining order.

When questioned why he was in possession of the blade, Kevin Melody told officers that he had been planning to peel potatoes before he had been caught.

He was sentenced to 10 months in prison at Preston Crown Court for two breaches of a restraining order to stop him seeing his ex-partner and one count of carrying a knife.

Prosecuting the case, Charles Brown explained that a restraining order restricting Melody contacting his ex-partner, with whom he had been with for 30 years, was made after things in their relationship began to get turbulent.

The court heard that Melody turned up at his ex-partner’s Blackburn home on June 23, and she took pity on him, allowing him inside.

But soon things started to get heated, with the defendant shouting at the woman about what she was using her mobile phone for and who she had been contacting.

Mr Brown said: “A while later, the victim decided to go to the shops and when she arrived home, the defendant was outside the address again. She opened the door and he jammed his foot inside, preventing her from going inside. She managed to get in but he began kicking the door and shouting at her.”

The next day when the victim was out in the street, Melody, formerly of Cardwell Place, once again appeared and started to shout abuse at her in the street, stating he needed his kettle, which was in her home, back.

The police were called and arrested him the next day, where he was found in possession of the kitchen knife with a red handle.

Mr Brown added: “He has a very extensive record; he is 48-years-old and has a around 30 pages of criminal records – no previous weapon offences. His compliance with previous court orders has not been good over the last few years.”

Defending his client, Kristian Cavanagh asked for full credit, stating the defendant had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

Passing down his sentence, Judge Medland QC said: “The restraining order was in place to keep you away from your former partner.

“There had been a very long relationship between the two of you – over 30 years, but that had come to an end and you understood that you should not have been contacting her.”