POLICE horses and their officers were targeted by a group of males who hurled abuse and threw items at them.

It was just one of several incidents which occurred around the Brougham Street area of Burnley on Thursday, which has resulted in a dispersal order being put in place until Saturday evening.

The area the order covers, which gives the police powers to disperse groups of people, ranges from Princess Way and March Street across the canal to Old Hall Street, from North Street on to Hebrew Road and then connecting with Colne Road.

It then covers the area from Colne Road at the junction with Elm Street across the canal behind Cronkshaw Street and back to Princess Way.

Insp Chris Valentine said: "Officers have had cause to deal with a number of incidents around the Brougham Street area of Burnley today. This has involved large groups of males attempting to prevent officers from seizing a vehicle and shouting abuse at them.

"The same groups have then been involved in throwing items at mounted officers who had been deployed to the area for reassurance.

"More verbal abuse was aimed at these Officers as well.

"As a result of these incidents a Section 34 Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 Dispersal Order was authorised and will be in place until 9pm on Saturday 4th July.

"This grants Officers the power to request a person to leave the designated area and not return until the order expires. Failure to comply with these requests may result in arrest."