You’ve heard of Hollywood, but how about Ossywood?

In 2005 locals in the Stanhill area of Oswaldtwistle woke up to find a giant Ossywood sign had appeared in a field off Stanhill Road.

The lettering was believed to be a prank by jokers, who have mirrored the words built in the hills surrounding Hollywood, California.

And many residents believed it was a response to aborted plans to build a giant Hollywood-style sign reading ‘Accrington’ as part of East Lancashire’s Panopticons public art scheme.

The owner of the field, Rishton farmer Tom Hindle, said he knew nothing about the sign.

Neighbouring farmer Steven Walsh, said: “I think it looks quite good.

“They’ve spent some time doing it, haven’t they? There must have been a few of them there during the night.

“It might be something to do with the plans for the Coppice, but we will see.

“I have been here 14 years and it hasn’t been here before. They will be jealous in Accrington that we got one of these first!”