Last week the Lancashire Telegraph reported on changes to Blackburn with Darwen Council bin collections.

Residents in the borough are to get a new extra bin, and paper and cardboard will be split from plastic, glass and cans for the first time.

From the summer there will be two separate recycling rounds collected every four weeks instead of a single bin collected every fortnight.

Here's what Lancashire Telegraph readers thought of the changes.

Roy Washington said: "I get the need to separate more efficiently, but the collection intervals are badly thought out.

"I would imagine the grey bin, with plastics, cans and glass will still need to be collected fortnightly.

"It’s ridiculous to suggest it can wait four weeks.

"These are the bulky items and will fill the bin quickly.

"The new blue bins, containing cardboard and paper may last four weeks, if the bins are big enough.

"The contents can be compressed or pushed down at least.

"The idea is valid, the planned execution is poor, very poor as usual."

Bev Yates said: "People will moan which ever way, no room, full now after two weeks etc.

"All recycling products can be made smaller so squash cans and get air out of bottles twice the room.

"A job for the kids to do if you have them.

"People make it out like it’s a big thing when actually it’s not. Just my opinion."

Benjamin James Jackson said: "So we need another bin. How much money Blackburn with Darwen Council wasting for this?

"They want us, to split more rubbish up so its, easier for them its all about making there lives easier, not ours.

"I've got no were to put another bin.

Tommy Temperley said: "It's a total waste of tax payers money they will be full in a week so the other three weeks paper will go in the waste bin."

Tariq Mahmood said: "More confusion.

"The easy way for people is to just dump it in the back alleys at 1.30 am, when everyone is asleep."