A SANTA sleigh tradition that has been in a town for more than 35 years could come to an end if a storage unit cannot be found.

The Clitheroe Round Table group's Santa sleigh was stolen and found abandoned on Lancaster Drive, in the town, this morning.

The sleigh is used as part of the organisation's charity collection every year.

A table spokesman said the building it was stored in had been sold, but left unlocked, and electronic equipment had also been taken.

If it cannot find a place to store the sleigh, the annual event will have to be cancelled.

The spokesman said: "We can repair the sleigh and we can replace the missing equipment but if we can't find somewhere local, dry and of course secure to store our sleighs then sadly it looks like this could be the end for a proud Clitheroe tradition which dates back at least 35 years and probably more.

"If anyone out there knows of a suitable building that we could operate our annual Santa collections from then please get in touch asap.

"If we can't find somewhere soon then we really will have no option but to cancel."