ONE of the oldest buildings in Blackburn town centre is not being demolished - despite rumours.

The Bureau Centre for the Arts has clarified that its former site in Victoria Street that was ruined by a massive blaze in April last year, is not being taken down despite machinery and road closures in the area.

A Bureau Centre for the Arts spokesman said: "There's been some concern on Facebook today that demolition has started at St John's. "Understandably, people are very upset to see what they believe to be the loss of one of our beautiful, historic buildings that means so much to so many people in town.

"Please be assured that the building is not being demolished.

"This is further work to preserve the valuable heritage in St John's and the demolition signs around the building are to do with the kind of machinery that is being used to do the work and the closure of roads.

"If you could share this post to help counter some of people's worries, that would be really helpful."

The building started out as The Church of St. John the Evangelist and construction first started in June 1787.

The council-owned centre had a cafe space, a gallery, cinema and community use room, studios, community darkroom and a main space suitable for theatre, workshops, gatherings and events.

Up to 70 firefighters were called to the scene.