ARMED response officers moved in overnight after an East Lancashire man was said to be making threats with a loaded crossbow.

Response police also attended the incident in Brierfield, which led to a haul of martial arts weapons being uncovered.

Police seized nunchuks, batons, a punching knife, crossbow bolts, a throwing knife and a throwing axe after conducting a search of a man's property in the town.

A Nelson Police spokesman said: "Team 1 response and armed officers have attended reports of a male making threats with a loaded crossbow in Brierfield.

"The swift and co-ordinated response from all involved resulted in no one being injured and the alleged offender being detained with no issues."

The search also uncovered a small amount of cannabis and police have also praised the assistance gained from members of the public in tackling the alleged disturbance.

The man arrested is understood to be in custody awaiting interview.