A YOUNG history enthusiast is opening a vintage shop giving people the chance to see and buy cultural clothing from Blackburn’s past.

Focusing on the 1980s and 90s, 24-year-old Tom Washington wants to create a community hub for creative projects as well as selling art, music, and clothing for the people in Blackburn.

Me To A Tee will represent Blackburn history at Heatley’s Arcade in Darwen Street.

Graphic design graduate Tom said: “I want to offer a place of connection for the youth especially and give back to the town a representation of local history through the eyes of a younger person.

“It isn’t just a vintage shop, it’s more of an open studio and concept that aims to offer an experience to people to get involved with it.”

The shop will let people go in and talk to others with similar interests.

He said: “The place where the shop is is beautiful and I wanted to celebrate the building.

“I want to offer the town something different.

“It is filling a space and giving people a place to come and see, talk, and build collaborations within the community.

“It is not just a shop, it is an idea to create a space and I am trying to build something for people to come and be a part of.

Local artists can also showcase their work at the space. Mr Washington held a pop-up shop at Blackburn’s Twilight Markets.

He said: “I spoke to people while at the pop-up, some of them bought some shirts and things, and also we were able to have a discussion about the local history.

“That’s what I aim for, and to get people meeting others like that, and creating projects within the community on anything they wish to see and do.

“I have always wanted to do this, since I was 18 I had been thinking about it. My parents want to see me do it too, as they know I’ve been interested in it.

“It was my mum that even found the shop and I went to see it, liked it, and thought I should go for it.”

To keep up to date with the launch, follow the Instagram page @metooatee