MEET the Instagram influencer puppy training to be a therapy dog due to his friendly nature.

Marvin, a mix between a spaniel and a cocker spaniel, has regular updates on social media showing cute poses and funny captions allowing a glimpse into his life.

Now, owner Fern Walmsley from Blackburn, is training the six-month-old dog to be a therapy dog, going into hospitals and care homes to cheer up people.

Miss Walmsley, a research developer for roads, said: “I knew he was photogenic the day I saw him on the advertisement.

“I got Marvin because I really missed having dogs after moving out of my parents’ house.

“Once I started his Instagram account, he became more noticed and became a brand rep for Alfie's Designs, modelling bandanas and other pet accessories.

“Marvin likes the attention and he will be sat there and he’ll do a funny pose, so I take a picture.

“I did not want to annoy anybody on Facebook with my pictures of him, so I set up an Instagram account.”

Marvin will take a temperament test to be a therapy dog once he is nine-months-old, where Miss Walmsley will have to prove she has control over him.

She said: “He’ll be a great therapy dog because he just knows when people need cuddles.

“A lot of people have said in the past he should be trained as he has the ability to make anybody happy.

“He is very easily trained too, as I can get him doing tricks like ringing the doorbell.

“Marvin has such love in his eyes and he is so friendly.

“At work I am part of the wellbeing group, looking at how to improve everyone’s mental health and one of our ideas has been getting dogs in to cheer everyone up.”

The sprocker spaniel is often complimented on social media with messages saying how lovely and cute he is.

Miss Walmsley added: “He will stare into the distance and look so cute, he knows what he is doing.”

To stay up to date with Marvin’s life, follow him @marvinthesprocker