A DISABLED woman wants to be moved out of her home because she says it is not suitable for someone with mobility issues.

Hayley Claque lives alone in Shakespeare Way, Blackburn, but the Together Housing house she lives in she says is inhabitable for a disabled person.

The 48-year-old said: “The bathroom is falling apart, the tiles are breaking, going up to the ceiling.

“I called Together Housing and they told me to move. I have not got much money; how can they expect me to just move?”

Mrs Claque has osteoporosis, endometriosis, and spondylosis. She moved in four years ago and said she spent over £2,500 refurbishing the house to try to make it more appropriate for her disabilities.

Before her disabilities became too much to deal with, Mrs Claque was a hairdresser and then a care worker.

She said: “I could not carry on because my pain got too much, but I worked for as long as I could. I feel I am being treated so unfairly and nobody is listening to me.

“I spoke to a man at Together Housing eight weeks ago, but he didn’t get back to me, so I called again last week, and was told that he is now off until the new year.

“They told me nobody else can help me, I just feel so let down, even social housing will not do anything.”

Angela Stuttard, head of property care at Together Housing, said: “We have been speaking to Ms Clague around some follow-on repairs that are needed and have been in contact with her already to arrange for a contractor to carry out the work in the new year.

“There was a small delay while other matters were resolved, but we’re confident we have kept Ms Clague informed of progress and she has had full use of her bathing facilities during this time.

“If Ms Clague continues to feel that she requires adaptations to meet her needs, she should continue talking to our partners at Lancashire County Council or, if she is concerned about her property itself, contact us as soon as possible.”