HASLINGDEN'S internet sensation is once again gearing up to appear on prime-time TV ­— after signing-up for the second series of a hit TV show.

Antonella Brollini, known as Antonella the Uncensored Reviewer­, will appear on BBC1’s consumer programme The Customer Is Always Right in the new year.

The 45-year-old first appeared on the show earlier this year, where she was seen giving her own reviews and verdicts on products - from GPS cat tracking devices to scented candles - all created by budding entrepreneurs.

The brutally honest personality first rose to fame for the product reviews she publishes on her own Facebook page.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, Antonella said: “I’m really excited to be back on the show. I had so much fun filming for the latest series so I can’t wait to get back to work.

“It’s a very rewarding project to work on, as you genuinely feel you are helping the entrepreneurs out when you’re giving feedback on their products.”

The new series is expected to launch in the New Year and will be hosted by Lucy Alexander, who is best known for her role presenting Homes Under The Hammer.

Groups of family and friends from across the country will also review the products.

It is not currently known how many episodes will feature in the new series, although it is believed they will run in the evening rather than in the morning as before.

Antonella, who also publishes content to her social media channels, features as a guest on ITV’s This Morning and is due to star in Bolton’s pantomime which starts at the end of November.

Antonella says she would not have her schedule ‘any other way’.

She said: “It is intense and it is very full on, but I love all the work I do - otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it. It's just important to stay focused and make sure I have a plan for each and every day. I also make sure I don’t put the TV on while I’m working - or I know for a fact I’d end up getting distracted!”