A NEWLYWED couple did not fancy a traditional wedding.

Instead Kyla and Michael Sixsmith, opted for a rock 'n' roll ceremony complete with a 1950s theme.

The bride showed off her white 1950s wedding dress, while Michael and Kyla's six-year-old son Malachy wore black pants, a pink bowling shirt and grey jacket.

Held at Haworth Art Gallery, in Accrington, the rock 'n' roll fanatics even arrived at the wedding in a 1959 Cadillac Coupe deVille car, while guests at the wedding also wore outfits matching the era.

If that was not enough, the quick ceremony was then followed by an all-night party at Poplar Social Club, in Accrington, where the pair hold rock 'n' roll nights twice a month.

And Kyla told the Lancashire Telegraph how it wasn't just the couple's own love for rock 'n' roll that inspired the wedding - but also her dad Mike Leaver who was also into that genre of music.

Along with his wife Maureen, they were known as 'Blackburn's rock and roll couple', and have won numerous dancing competitions.

Kyla, 30, who was born and grew up in Blackburn, but now lives in Edenfield with Michael, who works as a full-time DJ, said: "Myself and Michael met at Poplar Social Club in Accrington about four-and-a-half years ago.

"I always said to my dad that I wanted to meet someone that was a dancer and liked rock and roll.

"So I had a dance in the social club and Michael was exactly what I've wanted and we got into a relationship and have been together ever since.

"My dad loved his rock 'n' roll and dancing when I was younger and he was a real inspiration behind us deciding to have this type of wedding."

Kyla, a sales advisor at Debenhams in Blackburn, said the couple also go on rock 'n' roll holidays, which have seen them travel to Benidorm, where they go three times a year to the 'Rock 'n' Roll House there, while they have also gone to Salou in Spain.

She added: "We just love rock 'n' roll music and dancing and the wedding was the perfect choice for us."