A YOUNG rapper is hoping to make it big – and make a difference – with rhymes about education and mental health.

Burnley's Jake Cook – aka Snarlie – is making a name for himself on the North West grime music scene by rapping about real-world issues facing young people.

Grime is a form of rap music made famous in the UK by artists such as Stormzy, who this year headlined Glastonbury.

In one music video the 21-year-old says: "Nobody scares me like myself, nobody’s badder than mental health.

"I used to doubt myself and it was wrong, now I manifest success through song."

Warning: Explicit lyrics

Jake says he wants to be recognised for his honest, down-to-earth lyrics, which explore the real issues facing people like himself.

He told the Lancashire Telegraph: “It’s important for me to have a strong lyrical presence – to focus on being a lyricist as opposed to a musician.

“I want to be genuine in the words that I sing which is why I don’t necessarily have a process for writing.

“I let it flow organically and rap about my truth and reflect on my own life.”

The artist was brought up on rock music – but that all changed when he heard a different kind of music at his school.

He said: “I first heard Lose Yourself by Eminem as an 11-year-old in school.

“I went home that day and downloaded all his tracks and it’s like I fell down a hip-hop rabbit hole.

“I still draw a lot of influence from Eminem, but also Tupac, NWA, and Nas.

“I think there’s an emerging grime and rap scene here in Burnley. I’m affiliated with artists that perform locally as well as in cities like Leeds and Manchester. Some of my biggest influences are from the Manchester grime scene. I won’t ever forget my Burnley roots though.”

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Nobody scares me like myself, that’s why I’m not shook by anybody else.

Don’t watch them, check yourself, Nobody’s badder than mental health.

Your own mind will teach you knowledge, I didn’t learn anything in college.

Schools won’t teach you about your brains, it’s a flawed system that I wanna abolish.

I used to doubt myself and it was wrong, Now I manifest success through song.