BOSSES at East Lancs engineering giant BAE say they have finalised a prototype pair of glasses equipped with augment reality.

Engineers have been working on spectacles which can offer users advanced targetting, guidance and mission information.

The prototype comes with full-colour displays and technology allowing displays to be fully readable in all daylight conditions.

And BAE technical chiefs say the finished product will also come with a free-space tracking add-on and imagery stabilisation.

The lightweight headset is supposed to be worn in the same manner as a regular pair of glasses.

Nigel Kidd, director of head-mounted displays at BAE Systems, said: “We’ve made significant progress since the conceptual demonstration of the AR glasses."

Early versions of the AR glasses only worked in monochrome and did not offer the expanded field of vision now developed, with an inertial head tracker now also fitted.

Mr Kidd added: "Our engineers have been working closely with end users, in both military and commercial domains, to ensure the technology meets and exceeds customer expectations.

"The final product won't just be a world-leading display, it will provide its user with peace-of-mind that this is a system which from concept, is being designed with end user safety and product reliability at the heart of every decision."