EACH weekend on the Lancashire Telegraph website we’ll be shouting about the best places to go in East Lancashire.

Whether it’s the cosiest country pubs, the swankiest wine bars, prize winning pizza parlours or the tastiest restaurants, we’ll be talking up the hottest venues in a county renowned for its food and drink.

We’ll be asking readers for their top tips on where to go – and throwing in some of our own suggestions too.

This week we’re giving you the lowdown on the best nightclubs.

Lancaster And Morecambe Citizen:

Smackwater Jack’s Bar, Burnley

Otherwise known as ‘Smacks’, this bar and nightclub is a top favourite in Burnley. There’s everything about it to love; varied music and very affordable drinks. Described by themselves as ‘the place to be’ it would appear so, as it is one of the highest reviewed bars in the whole of Lancashire. A recent recommendation said: “Great bar and amazing atmosphere. Would definitely recommend!”. Give it a go and enjoy the mix of indie music and good old cheesy-pop.

Lancaster And Morecambe Citizen:

Projekt, Burnley

With over 18,000 Facebook check-ins and almost 8,000 likes, Projekt was described in a recent review as “an amazing place I enjoyed with friends that has fantastic and tasty looking cocktails.” The nightclub has recently become popular with young people in Burnley due to the amount of ticketed events they host with resident DJs. They mainly play urban music and are sure to leave you wide eyed as they close at 6am.

Lancaster And Morecambe Citizen:

Rendezvous NightClub (Rios), Whalley

Described by themselves as being ‘entrenched in Whalley life since 1889’, we couldn’t possibly miss Rendezvous off our list. Otherwise known as Rios, the nightclub on Accrington road is in a surprisingly quiet location, but proves extremely popular with club-goers in Lancashire. They open on the weekends, allowing people to blow off some steam and dancing the night away, perfect for anyone who loves a good party.

Lancaster And Morecambe Citizen:

Illuminati Bar, Burnley

Although not strictly a ‘nightclub’, Illuminati Burnley has mastered the art of having a restaurant and bar combined with a club-like feel about it. You’ll be amazed by the range of drinks and cocktails on offer, served under soft luminous lights. It’s worth visiting to try the food during the day too, as their newly developed menus offer premium tapas food and drinks. Get involved with one of their cocktail making masterclasses too, which can be booked via their website.

Lancaster And Morecambe Citizen:

Revival, Rawtenstall

Revival hosts popular events such as their ‘Bonkers Bingo’, as well as being open for a good old boogie on the weekend. Having opened with new improvements this year, it is proving popular with club-goers. Recent recommendations say “Great new gem in the town, will have a great night out going here, lot of door security for your safety.” The club offers a range of music, being described as a ‘multigenre club’ - their hours are from 11pm-5am, so be sure to head down on a Friday night to see what the hype is all about.