It would seem that many of you share our passion for a slice of cake. We asked you to send us your recommendations for your favourite cake shop in East Lancashire and we were inundated with responses.

The art of baking, it would appear, is alive and well and thriving in the area - and we’re loving it.

From cup cakes to novelty cakes, from brownies to celebration cakes, there seems to be nothing that our crafty bakers don’t excel in.

As with all our five of the best features, the list of establishments is not meant to be definitive, it merely reflects some of the most popular recommendations we have received from you.

Finch Bakery, Great Harwood

The undisputed favourite as far as recommendations from you are concerned, this family run establishment - twin sisters in actual fact - caters for all tastes and needs. From its daily cup cakes to complex celebration cakes for all occasions there really is something for every cake lover to savour. One of the most recent recommendations sums it up - ‘not only amazing tasting and looking products but quite possibly the best customer service too!’ You can’t ask for more than that can you?

Bella’s Bakes, Burnley

Specialising in bespoke cakes for every occasion, you were also impressed by the fact that you can drop in and enjoy a coffee and a slice of something indulgent at the bakery’s own cafe. ‘ I eat a lot of desserts and this place has to be up there with the best’ was just one recommendation. The selection available to buy changes on a daily basis.

Lou Lou’s Meringues, Billington

Although not strictly a cake shop, it would have been churlish to leave out Lou Lou’s Meringues, particularly when you consider the number of positive comment we received. Prepare to be amazed by the cakes of all sizes ranging from the ‘house speciality’ meringues to multi-tiered wedding cakes. Watch out for the occasional pop up shop too with a multitude of goodies on offer.

Sugar and Layer Cake Company, Clitheroe

‘Sheer cake heaven’ was how one fan described this Clitheroe floral cake boutique. Certainly for anyone with a sweet tooth, it will prove hard to resist. Offering a massive selection of brownies, cup cakes and meringues on a daily basis Sugar and Layer also specialises in a wide range of celebration cakes. A new pudding parlour is set to open this weekend.

Martin’s Bakery, Oswaldtwistle

A genuine all-rounder in the bakery stakes, Martin’s produced everything from pies and bread to cakes. Established in Oswaldtwistle in 1898, there is more than 120 years of baking tradition and it shows in the quality of the daily offerings which fill the glass fronted cabinets in the shop. The present baker’s grandad started his apprenticeship at the shop in 1929.