A GIANT underwater scene is now gracing the side of a multi-storey car park ­— thanks to an internationally-renowned graffiti artist.

Cosmo Sarson was invited to Blackburn by Alexandra Gallagher, of the Prism Contemporary Gallery, to work his magic on the Feilden Street facade.

Spare walls across the town have been adorned by fantastical designs over the past couple of years.

But few artists featured come with the pedigree of Cosmo, whose super-sized depiction of Jesus breakdancing is an eye-catching addition to Bristol’s skyline.

For his East Lancashire odyssey, he used an image taken by specialist scuba photographer Zac Maculay, of model Imogen-Rose Crew, as his template.

And perhaps fittingly, he had to dodge the showers, using a mobile platform, to finish off the mural.

He said: “The whole background has a varnish layer of black iridescent glitter that gives it a petrol-blue sheen.

“I put five kilos of glitter up there so there could be a few car crashes when the sun comes out.”

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Cosmo, who is also known to take inspiration from the likes of Caravaggio for more classical works, also paid tribute to Blackburn’s street art credentials.

He described the town as a “hidden gem”, which was well worth paying a visit, for the murals alone.