TRAINS between Clitheroe and Blackburn had to be cancelled after an HGV hit a bridge.

The incident happened on Waddington Road, Clitheroe, around 9.50am on Wednesday, and resulted in delays, suspension of services and in some cases, cancellations.

Posting on Twitter at 11am, spokesperson for Northern Assist said: “Due to a road vehicle striking a bridge in the Clitheroe area, services between Blackburn and Clitheroe are currently suspended. The bridge examiners are on site at present.

“Passengers are advised to listen for announcements and check information screens for updates where possible for your service today.”

Buses were arranged between Blackburn and Clitheroe from 11.25am, with hourly replacement coaches operating until services resumed at 1.06pm.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: "At 9.50am the low railway bridge on Waddington Road in Clitheroe was hit by a lorry carrying a container.

"Trains were placed under a temporary speed limit until 1.06pm when our inspection of the bridge found no structural damage had been caused.

"As bridge strikes like this are entirely avoidable and cause long delays for rail passengers we advise drivers to always know the size and height of their vehicles."