A FORMER Lancashire Telegraph journalist has spoken out about her experiences working on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Simone O’Kane was a runner on the show where guests, often becoming confrontational in the process, would try to resolve issues with others in their lives.

Topics included relationships, sex, drugs and alcohol.

The mum-of-three said: “Many moons ago I worked as a runner for The Jeremy Kyle Show.

“The antagonisation that guests were subject to before going out on stage was insane.

“Producers would stir up and fuel guests. They would make them run out on stage in rage, all for ‘good TV’.

“Let’s hope there’s a focus on the wellbeing and the welfare of guests on the next show which will fill the day-time slot.

“Inspirational people who get up and go to work, have achieved and have stories to tell. Education is key, not exploitation.

“The show has exploited those most vulnerable and with mental health problems for far too long. Get something decent on day time TV to inspire people who are sat at home.

“It just seems that people love to laugh at the misfortunes of others whether it’s big ears, a twitch, bad teeth or whatever."