MORE than 100 voters in Pendle were turned away from polling stations for failing to have the correct photographic identification for the May 2 local elections.

The borough was one of 10 which trialled photo-ID as part of government efforts to combat voting fraud.

Figures from eight councils reveal a total of 819 individuals in their areas were turned away for not having the correct ID and did not return to vote.

In Pendle 119 voters were turned away over their failure to have the the required photo-identification.

One of those unable to vote was an 87-year-old who has voted in every election since she was 21 who branded the new system as ‘stupid’.

Cat Smith MP, Labour’s elections spokeswoman, said: “As we feared, legitimate and honest voters have been denied their right to vote because of these undemocratic pilot schemes.

“Time and time again Labour has warned that Voter ID will make it harder for people to vote but the Conservatives have pushed on with their blatant attempt to rig the result of future elections by voter suppression.

“After another round of shambolic pilot schemes, it’s clear that Voter ID should be abandoned.”

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson who in 2012 held a special Parliamentary debate on voter fraud said: “People will be confused how Labour think asking voters to provide ID counts as ‘rigging’.

“The pilot in Pendle worked well, with no allegations of fraud on the day for the first time in years.”