TWO Royal Air Force helicopters can currently be seen circling over East Lancashire. 

The aircrafts, one of which is a Chinook and the other a Puma, are operating out of RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire as part of a training programme. 

Both helicopters are usually based down south at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire but are operating out of RAF Leeming at the moment as two training courses take place.

One is the Chinook training course, which teaches RAF recruits how to pilot the twin-engine helicopter and the other is training for tactical instructors. 

The two aircraft were first spotted over Clitheroe at around 4.10pm this afternoon before they headed over towards Blackburn. The low-flying helicopters could then be seen circling over the train station before one disappeared out of sight. 

The other remained in the sky for a couple of minutes before the second re-appeared.

Both then disappeared as they headed back in the direction of the Ribble Valley. 

An eye-witness said: "It is extremely unusual to see them flying so low over the town.

"They made a real racket as they passed overhead."