END Child Poverty is calling for a cross-party plan to help eliminate the problem of children living in need in the UK.

The group is calling for an ambitious plan to achieve this. They want cuts to benefits to be reversed, restoring the link between benefits and inflation.

They say this would help make up for the loss in children's benefits caused by a four-year freeze and previous below-inflation raises.

End Child Poverty also wants to see an end to the two-child limit on child allowances in tax credits and Universal Credit.

The group would also like to see Universal Credit reformed.

The coalition is also calling for a reverse of the austerity cuts and wants to see more investment in children's services like mental health, childcare and social care.

Anna Feuchtwang, chairman of End Child Poverty, said: "Growing up in poverty means growing up trapped.

"It restricts a child’s chances of doing well at school, of living a healthy and happy life, and of finding well paid work as adults.

"We urgently need Government to set a course of action that will free our children from the grip of poverty."