TRAIN staff stood outside a station protesting pay issues after a cleaning company’s wage proposals.

RMT cleaners held signs outside Blackburn Railway Station, to strike against ISS, who they claim are forcing the staff on the Arrive Rail North to work 11 days of pay owed in arrears.

What should be paid as wages are being paid as loans, the workers say, and wages owed will only be paid back once the employee leaves the company.

Daren Island, the RMT Region Organiser, said: “This is immoral and will force workers into debt. It’s completely unacceptable and they have been misleading the trade unions for a number of months.

“It’s not enough of ISS to offer an interest free loan, and it should be wages. We ask that they re-consider.

“There is a third national meeting tomorrow and we are open for negotiations, but to expect a worker to only receive two weeks wages and make it stretch, then get a loan is just not acceptable.”

Rail strikes have also been held throughout the year, and the cleaners will continue their strike until their demands are met.