A NEW Korean street food stall has opened to give people a taste of East Asian delicacies.

Hyojin Son launched the traditional Korean food stall in Blackburn Market earlier this week.

It is thought to be the only Korean street food stall in Lancashire, and the 37-year-old hopes the people of Blackburn will try the tasty treats, known as k-food.

Son, who also goes by his English name Sean, is selling a pancake, popular in South Korea, called Hottoek.

The savoury and sweet snack is a cinnamon pancake, which can be enjoyed with toppings such as ice-cream, sprinkles, marshmallows and mixed berries ­— freshly made to order.

Savoury menu choices will include soy or spicy chicken with bread rolls or rice.

He said: “The pancakes are popular in South Korea as street food, but usually without toppings.

“I was told by my friends that this would be a challenge, because Korean food was more popular in cities.

“But I wanted to bring our traditional food to local towns, so that more people can try it. Blackburn Market was the best place to try it.”

Mr Son worked in education in South Korea and met many people from England who loved eating the local street food.

But, after arriving in England 14 months ago, Mr Son found that most people he spoke to were only familiar with Korean BBQ and he decided to try and introduce them to different tastes and flavours.

Talking about his inspirations, he said: “I watched a lot of YouTube videos where people reacted well to Korean food.

“There is also a Korean man selling food like this in Denmark.

"I was inspired by that and wanted to explore it.

“Korean culture is growing rapidly and, as the food becomes popular in UK towns, I am glad I can be a part of it.”

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Keen to promote Korean products, Mr Son is offering free Korean skin masks for customers to take home and try.

Located near the escalators in Blackburn Market, the authentic Korean street food stall also offers halal options.