FOUR cats have been killed in suspected dog attacks in Accrington.

The incidents happened over three weeks, sparking a cat charity to call on dog owners to be more responsible.

The cats were found with puncture wounds in a field in Howard Close, near Charter Street.

A spokesman from East Lancashire cat charity, Little Tinkers, said: “We received calls about a cat being left dead on a field. When we got there, we found two cats lying dead on the field, with puncture wounds to their bodies.

“We thought it was odd and, as we picked up both cats to take them away, a woman approached us to tell us her cat had been killed the previous night by a dog.

“Something must be done to stop the attacks."

A fourth cat was found dead on Monday. The most recent two attacks were witnessed by residents who said they saw a lurcher-type dog and tried to chase it away.

One cat owner said: “It’s upsetting and I have to do a witness statement. My cat, along with the other three, are being used as evidence so we can’t cremate our family cat until the RSPCA have finished. They are investigating and trying to find the dog.”

Resident Alasdair Macpheat said: “I heard a commotion outside. I drove down to the field and saw two ladies crouched over a cat. The owner explained to me that a dog owner had been walking with his dog without a lead on and the dog snatched the cat out of the front garden.”

Cat owners in the area now say they fear letting their pets out.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “We’re aware of this situation and are looking into it. It’s very sad to hear about the deaths of these cats and our thoughts are with their owners. We promote responsible pet ownership and would urge all dog owners to ensure their pets are under control when out and about.

A police spokesman said: “We are working with the RSPCA and dog wardens to investigate.”