RESIDENTS in Darwen have opposed a planning application to build ten new homes on woodland close to the town centre.

The application was registered on February 15, and if approved, would require the felling of a number of trees at the top of Cobden Street and Fountain Street.

Darwen town councillor Paul Browne has already pledged to object to the proposal by a private developer after he branded it ‘unacceptable’, but now, residents have waded in on the argument too.

Last week a leaflet was produced which was distributed to homes in the area, entitled Save Our Trees, and encouraged residents to object to the planning application. It cited an increase in traffic and loss of the trees as major reasons to complain.

So far, more than 30 objections have been made with more expected before the March 18 cut off date.

Abbie Jay Burch, of Cobden Street, said: “I moved to the area last year and this news has devastated our family and had we known about this we would not have moved here. There are multiple reasons why we object including an increase in traffic, which will change the neighbourhood completely. If a road is added with more houses there will be speeding and parking problems."

Darwen councillor Dave Smith said he has received 22 objections, with Cllr Brian Taylor receiving around 12 since last week.

The planning department at Blackburn with Darwen council is currently assessing the plan.