RUMOURS surrounding a town's 'secret parking plan' have been addressed by a council.

Bosses at Rossendale Borough Council have spoken out after rumours began swirling around on social media suggesting that a parking plan had been devised for the town of Rawtenstall.

But a spokesman has now quashed the chatter, saying that it has always been Council policy to provide free parking, a commitment which was renewed as recently as February.

The spokesman said: "We want to address those rumours and let people know that no secret plan for parking has been put together.

"As the council's leader Alyson Barnes said in February, we are developing a broader parking strategy, which will be shaped and influenced by a cross party working group and which will be undertaken in consultation with traders groups and the community partnership.

"We are also commissioning a study to review car parking to help support the development of the strategy."

The council went on to say that they 'don't recognise' figures that have been circulating online, confirming their were 421 long and short stay spaces in the town.

The spokesman said: "We have discussed and agreed some parking allocation for both Transdev and Together Housing as part of discussions to move the Spinning Project scheme forward but this again will be factored into the overall parking strategy.

"It is important to note that on-street parking and enforcement is the responsibility of Lancashire County Council and we hope LCC work with us to make sure a range of car parking spaces are available so people can park and spend time in our town centres."