AN unidentified object was seen in the night sky in East Lancashire in April 1969, as people were left baffled.

Air Traffic Control at Preston were unable themselves to identify the mystery object, but experts said it was a meteorite. Mr Roy Winstanley, of Westwood Road, Blackburn, was driving towards Lower Darwen when he stopped to fill up.

He said: "I looked up into the sky and saw the object in the distance, south east at an elevation of about five degrees.

"It was a very dull red and at that stage I had no idea what it was. It made fantastic speed as it came through 30 degrees of arc, becoming brighter and brighter.

"I could see little pieces breaking off it and then the whole thing disappeared. I timed it and had it in view for 12 seconds."

It was also seen by councillor Joe Bolton, who was sitting in his armchair at his home in Hillcrest Road, Feniscliffe.

He said: "I was sitting in the dark when I saw it light up the sky in front of me."

Mr Eric Warburton of Sabden, said: "I looked up to the moon to see what kind of a night it was and suddenly a big ring dropped into the sky. It was definitely spinning."